Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My solution to Imogen's "allergies"

All of the children at the daycare have a runny nose. They aren't having many other symptoms. Some have a mild cough. Imogen has had a cough at night and a constant runny nose. I am thinking that it is due to allergies. She also gets a slight cold every time that she is cutting a new tooth. Sunday night she woke up coughing and could not stop. She did not sleep well, meaning that mommy didn't sleep well. Then on Monday she coughed throughout the day.

Some of you know, that I have been leaning towards alternative medicine as much as possible. It is a proven fact that the more children take antibiotics the more immunity they build up to them. I believe there is a time for antibiotics, and a common cold or allergies, is not one.

This is what I have found to be helping Imogen. I found a homeopathic cough syrup for children that does not contain honey. Most of them do, and children under 2 shouldn't consume honey due to the fact that it can cause botcholisism (or however you sepell it). The cough syrup is put out by Nature Bio. I have found that one dose before bed, and one dose in the morning has cut the cough out almost completely. As for the runny nose, I found another homeopathic products put out by Hylands. This is for children's allergies. You can give them a dose of it every 15 minutes, but Imogen has only needed it every couple of hours. Both products are available through Frontier Natural co-op. If you live in this area, I have a buy club through them and can get you the products close to half off.

If you know of any other things that will help with children's allergies, please feel free to post them!

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